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7 Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffuser (2020)

Find the Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffuser – Beginner’s Guide

What comes to mind when you hear essential oil? Yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking: the smell! Catching a whiff of some essential oil smell makes you want to lick the bottles clean. You don’t have to be macrosmatic to perceive the fragrance. Essential oil goes beyond the scent or smell, it has several therapeutic uses, and there are tons of benefits waiting to be discovered.

The growing number of essential oils makes it difficult to keep a tab on the benefits of the oil and the best oils. Essential oil is a new untapped world, waiting to be explored. Keep reading to discover all you need to know.

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils are numerous, but the therapeutic benefits are unknown to many people. It is used for perfumes, beauty products, candles, even aromatherapy.

One reason for the wide use of essential oil is because it’s multifarious and can be used daily. This natural oil can be used for health and emotional well-being as well as a beauty regime. The good thing about using essential oil is that it’s harsh enough to treat skin problems and health-related issues yet mild enough for daily use. Let’s not forget the heavenly fragrance it gives when in use.

Some of the health benefits of essential oils are: it relieves stress and anxiety, migraines, headaches, insomnia, reduces inflammation. Although there are no extensive researches to confirm this, a few experiments confirmed these health benefits.

Essential oils literally have their bank filled with benefits ready to be dished out at any time. With experiments still on, there is a wealth of benefits yet to be discovered, although the gradual unveiling of this natural oils remains phenomenal.

7 Best Smelling and Most Popular Essential Oil Scents

Yes, essential oils solve a lot of health and skin problems, but there is a long list of them. So if you are planning to get serious with essential oils, you will need a little help getting started. Luck is on your side, we have compiled a detailed comprehensive list of the top 7 essential oils with the best scents. Keep reading to find out.

Luxurious Essential Oils

If You don’t mind getting deluxe oils, you shouldn’t miss this! These oils scream luxury and effectiveness.

1. Jasmine Essential oil

This oil stems from the white flowers of the popular jasmine plant. Years ago, jasmine oil became popular for its sweet, romantic scent, which has made it the major oil in world best-known perfumes. It has also been used as a flavor in alcohol, desserts, and sweets.

Jasmine oil has been used for a lot more than just a fragrance. It has been used as a home remedy to treat some health issues. To cap it all, it is notable for being an aphrodisiac. Some of the health benefits of jasmine oil are: it helps in suppressing depression, soothes your body when you are riddled with the flu or cold, it helps calm nerves. The floral scent is highly romantic and kicky (if you are hot on floral scent).

Here are some notable facts about jasmine essential oil:

  • It’s mild, so it doesn’t subdue other oils.

  • Rich, self-indulgent, deluxe

  • Romantic and floral-like smell

  • It blends well with anything with a woody or floral scent e.g., vetiver and ylang-ylang.

Caveat: Avoid taking high doses if you are pregnant. Based on research, it induces contractions in the pregnancy.

2. Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil has a myriad of excellent benefits attached to its name. This doesn’t come as a surprise since it was got from the rose plant. The physiological and psychological benefits of rose oil have been discovered. Rose essential oil eases pain, relieves menstrual cramps, acts as an antifungal, and antibacterial; it also eases depression and stimulates sex drive.

The fragrance of rose oil is a million shades of sweetness. It’s not surprising that it’s a major ingredient of several perfumes. It’s one of the best oils for a beauty regimen, perfect for your hair because skin rose oil gives the healthiness and glow needed.

Rose oil is a whole lot of things, including:

  • Rich, sweet, sensuous, and has a floral scent.

  • Mixes perfectly well with woody and floral fragrance e.g., Palmarosa and Geranium Rose or Jasmine.

  • It’s mild and suitable for essential oil blends.

  • It’s plush

Jasmine and rose essential oils are both expensive, but worth every buck you spend. The aromas of these oils could be additive because of their redolent nature. The mixture of both oils will give a subtly and highly complementary fragrance. If you choose to use them alone, they will steal the spotlight all day. These two oils are not only luxurious; they have all the luxurious aroma and benefits you could ever think of.

Affordable and Lovable Essential Oils

This class of oil is affordable and highly dependable. They are 100% regret-free.

3. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

This oil is got from the rind of sweet orange or the flowers and leaves of the orange plant. Sweet orange essential oil is extracted through cold pressing. This oil has diverse uses like the reduction of stress, reduces stomach pain, eliminates pain and inflammation, treatment for acne, adds flavor to food, perfumes.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil has lots of health benefits like, reduces depression and anxiety, weight loss, can be used as an insecticide, antimicrobial, and pain relief. It can be used as a sedative. Try cleaning with this oil, your home will have a lingering fresh and sweet scent.

This essential oil has certain peculiar features like:

  • Oils like Black Pepper oil, Sandalwood oil, Cinnamon oil, and Ginger oil complement it well.

  • It is potent when used alone.

  • It has a citrus scent, and it’s energizing.

  • Blend with bergamot essential oil for one of the best combinations of essential oils.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is got from the lavender plant. This oil is multi-beneficial, with several strings to its bow. It can either be ingested, breathed in (aromatherapy), or applied to the skin. However, you choose to use the oil, you can be assured that it works wonders.

Lavender can be used to suppress acne and wrinkles, and it works well as a natural skin toner. It can also be used to aid digestion. Lavender oil helps you build healthy hair. It works well as an insect repellent and a perfect solution for dry skin. It has wound-healing properties and anti-inflammatory ability.

Just a whiff of this oil brings deep comfort. Try using it in a diffuser; you will feel how real and unique it is. Its anti-insomnia in nature and relieves you of all your stress.

  • A drop or two of lavender oil is all you need; it is subtle and highly effective.

  • It has a fresh, floral aroma.

  • It doesn’t overpower other oils when mixed. It aids the fragrance of the other oil.

  • The smell is not too strong; it’s mild and comfortable when used in a room.

5. Bergamot Essential Oil

Being an extract from the rinds of the bergamot tree, this oil has a different citrus fragrance. It’s a popular ingredient in cologne, perfumes, cosmetics, and toiletries. It’s used as a flavor in food and drinks, relieves stress, reduces cholesterol, stops pain and inflammation, and can be used as a cure for food poisoning. Just a few drops can put an end to fever.

  • It can be blended or mixed with orange, rosemary, cypress, etc.

  • The smell cannot be suppressed. It is strong.

  • The scent is citrusy and floral.

6. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

This top-rated oil has a history in the medical line. It has been used to treat ailments and health conditions for years. Chamomile oil is made out of the chamomile plant flower. Roman chamomile essential oil is popular for aiding digestion, relieving anxiety, healing skin conditions, pain relief, and fights against insomnia. This oil helps with wound healing.

  • Roman chamomile essential oil mixes well with jasmine, sage, citrus, and any other floral scent.

  • Comforting and warm

  • It’s not subtle

7. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is majorly known as a seasoning with a woody fragrance. This essential oil is unique because it’s not oil; it doesn’t even contain fat. The research on this oil isn’t extensive, but there is a long list of probable benefits.

Aids hair growth, resists some bugs, relieves pain, eases stress, and reduces joint inflammation. It serves as an immune system booster, and it’s capable of turning sour mood around.

  • Works well as a standalone

  • It creates a perfect blend when mixed with lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and geranium.

  • The scent is strong and woody.

5 Best Essential Oils Combos

Combining essential oils is plain simple, but you can get it all wrong if you mix the wrong oils. You don’t want to make that mistake! You can end up creating a disaster. Get ready to create the best aromatic fragrance with these 5 combos.

1. Soothing Citrus

This combination is one of the best, its easy peasy. Mix three drops of lavender essential oil, with three drops of ylang-ylang, and three drops of wild orange.

Here is an alternative, mix three bergamot with three drops of cypress and three drops of Wild Orange.

2. Spring Floral

This requires a combination of three drops of ylang-ylang and three drops of geranium essential oils.

3. Warm Vanilla

Creating this particular scent could be stressful. You will need a few drops of DoTerra Whisper blend. DoTerra Whisper blend contains Vanilla Bean Absolute got from Vanilla Beans in the presence of hexane; this is non-toxic and makes it possible to cultivate the scent of vanilla during distillation.

4. Holiday Blend

To get this, combine three drops of Siberian Fir essential oil with three drops of Wild Orange, two drops of Cinnamon, two drops of Cardamom, and 2 Clove essential oils.

5. Autumn Spice

Mix four drops of Tangerine essential oil and two drops of Black Pepper essential oil.


Gone are the days when essential oils were used as a beauty regimen and celebrated solely because of their fragrance. With the aromatherapy nature of essential oil discovered, even the scent has medical benefits. If you are willing to get started with essential oils, try out one of the oils mentioned above. To make the most out of any product, you need to find the best; this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Just pick up an affordable oil and get started.

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