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Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review – Read This Before Buying

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review

If you’re into essential oils, you’ll know that finding the best product with the right balance between price and quality can be challenging. The leading supplier, Plant Therapy, is among the top choices out there that really seem to balance the two factors. Their products are not only high-quality but also affordable.

The brand also has a positive and sustainable ethos and works closely with real aromatherapy experts. Whether you are just starting or you have been using essential oils for several years, you will find this Plant Therapy Essential Oils review useful. Continue reading to learn more.

What’s the Best Thing About Plant Therapy Oils?

It is always important to know all the best things and benefits that a brand offers before going into more detail. First things first, what makes products from Plant Therapy stand out from the crowd? The following are the best things about Plant Therapy essential oils’ suppliers.

  • Excellent Quality: Most of the oils we tested had pure, strong, as well as the authentic aroma. They did not smell fake or chemical. To ensure that all the products are of high-quality, we tested a number of oils from the brand, including Lavender and Peppermint Organic. This is vital since it helps get the differences and cross-compare the quality of different products.

  • Top-notch Product Lineup: You will be in the position to find almost any accessory, product, or oil to help you start your essential oils journey at Plant Therapy. Some products available include storage cases, certified organic oils, products for men, diffusers, roll-ons, body lotions, blends, and more.

  • Third-Party Product Testing: To ensure that all of its essential oils and other products are of high-quality, the brand thoroughly evaluates before sending them to reputable third-party testing institutions. You will get more details under the Plant Therapy Quality Assurances section in this review.

  • KidSafe Line: The company is committed to ensuring that everyone in society has something to meet their unique needs and requirements. That is why it has the KidSafe Line product. This is a series of kits and oils that are designed and created with various kid-specific health issues in mind. They use a selection of safe oils for kids.

  • Rewards Program: Plant Therapy rewards all customers who use their products regularly. The more you purchase the products, the more points you collect. The best thing is that the minimum spending per month is not required, and once you have 500 points, you can redeem them.

A Brief Company History

Before going into more detail, it is vital to know who Plant Therapy as an essential oil provider is. Plant Therapy is a family-operated business from Idaho, United States of America, and it started in 2011.

A few years back, in 2009, Chris Jones, who is the President of the firm, bought some natural beauty products from an experienced aromatherapist. While obtaining the essential oils from the market, he saw the need for great quality products that would be affordable and suitable to all members of society.

That is what encouraged him to establish the company. The brand’s aim is to provide its customers from across the world with high-quality oils at affordable prices. The quality, a positive world impact, and transparency are its core values. In line with these values, Plant Therapy has a program to give back to society both locally and across the world.

What really helps the company to guarantee its reputation is the fact that it has worked closely with Robert Tisserand, one of the leading experts in the aromatherapy industry.

Plant Therapy Quality Standards

If you are looking for a 100% pure and high-quality essential oils, then Plant Therapy has got you covered. The company develops and distributes products that have undergone the strictest quality testing and assurances in the industry.

The quality and testing program at the company was developed by Robert Tisserand, a world-famous essential oil expert at the Tisserand Institute. Robert does not actively work in partnership with the Plant Therapy Company, but the protocols and processes he established are still followed to date.


All high-quality oils are extracted from fresh fruits and other parts of plants like seeds, roots, leaves, bark, stems, flowers, and more. Plant Therapy obtains its oils from different countries in the world.

The brand is very particular when choosing each new supplier. Experts at the company carefully research and evaluate the reputation, background, and commitment of each to ensure all products are of great quality. Additionally, the brand vets its distillers and farmers in the same way.

For each essential oil that you will purchase from Plant Therapy, quality sourcing is the starting point.


Similar to the sourcing process, the brand works closely with committed and reputable distillers who can repeatedly guarantee high-quality as well as purity in the essential oil products they deliver. This means that you will only get high-quality products that are not only affordable but also meet your unique needs and requirements.


To provide the best products in the market, Plant Therapy has certified aromatherapists who organoleptically test all the essential oils. Organoleptic testing involves smelling the oils from a testing strip for a given time. Some characteristics don’t show themselves until the oils have been evaporated for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Also, organoleptic testing includes evaluating the consistency, color, the general appearance of the oilsб and comparing them to what an excellent oil should smell and look like. After carefully testing the essential oils, Plant Therapy sends them to one of the trusted third-party testing institutions where they undergo several tests, which include GC/MC.

Check Out Test Results Online!

Plant Therapy is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are satisfied with the products they source from its stores. That is why it allows you to check out all the test results online. Each bottle of essential oil that you purchase from its stores has a unique batch code. The code helps to indicate the exact batch of oil that is in your bottle.

The reports are fully public, and anyone can see them when they visit the oil’s product page and click on the Test Reports. You will not only find the third party GC/MS reports but also reports signed by the brand’s chemist to make sure that they are free from any edits. That way, it is easy for customers to verify the GCMS reports available. It isn’t a secret which third-party laboratory did the testing it is all transparent.

With all results online and the whole process of testing being transparent, Plant Therapy is committed to educating all of its customers and helping them make excellent choices when it comes to personal health as well as well-being via aromatherapy.

Are Plant Therapy Essential Oils “Therapeutic Grade”?

Plant Therapy essential oils aren’t technically “therapeutic grade”. However, this does not mean that they’re not 100% pure and ideal for aromatherapy. What does this mean in simple terms? It means that there are actually no institutions that oversee the purity and quality of essential oils in the world.

Therapeutic Grade” is a term that any company can use when it comes to marketing. Therefore, the Plant Therapy Company chooses not to use it, and instead, it prefers to guarantee its quality with proven and transparent testing, aromatherapy specialists, and pure ingredients. Since most individuals think that this term defines the quality of essential oils, Plant Therapy decided to educate its customers about it. Some brands also use another grading, certifying, and therapeutic grade terms for internal quality criterion. But such terms are, in most cases, trademarked by the brand and don’t apply constantly from one company to another.

When you are looking for high-quality essential oils, you should never look for terms like “Therapeutic Grade”. If fact, you should be wary of essential oil companies that refer to themselves as “Therapeutic Grade”. Be sure to check their respective quality and testing procedures before purchasing any product from them.

About Plant Therapy Internal Use of Oil

Some individuals swear by using oils internally, which is usually by diluting a few drops into beverages or recipes. This is believed to aid with cleansing the body, maintaining the immune system, healthy cell function, and in some cases, boosting flavor in drinks or food.

But without specialist knowledge or direction as well as the right know-how, using essential oils like this can be very harmful. And because of this, Plant Therapy doesn’t recommend using its essential oils for internal use. However, the brand knows that the internal use of essential oils can be done carefully. But it should be under the direction of an expert, specialist, or someone who deeply understands the body that they’re treating.

To help its customers, Plant Therapy provides them with free education about essential oils. They are now able to find everything that they need to know about aromatherapy and essential oils before they can make their final decisions.

KidSafe by Plant Therapy

kids safe plant therapy

In 2014, the Plant Therapy Company launched its first-ever essential oil products for kids, especially those between two and ten years. That is wonderful news for individuals who have been hesitant about the oils to use when it comes to their kids. The KidSafe line was designed to help with different kid-related issues and illnesses such as stuffy noses, rough, red skin, and calming down.

All the essential oil blends under the KidSafe line have fun, easy-going, and child-friendly names like Better Than Kisses, Calming The Child, and Ear Ease, among others. All the KidSafe line products are 100% pure and available as pre-diluted roll-ons or undiluted essential oils.

The best thing is that the KidSafe synergies are effective for grownups as they are for children. They are high-quality essential oils made with ingredients that are safe for kids. It means that all the products under this category do not have any substances that could possibly lead to breathing problems in kids.

Experts at Work

Since its establishment, Plant Therapy has been working closely with some well-known experts, including Robert Tisserand. Robert is responsible for the design and overseeing of the company’s KidSafe line products. He has many years of experience in the aromatherapy industry.

For more than 40 years, Robert Tisserand has been professionally evaluating different types of essential oil products. An extensive amount of research, quality assurance, and testing have resulted in designing and developing the essential oils for kids. The KidSafe line product is unique, no other company in the world can match it.

Product Line-Up

When it comes to product line-up, Plant Therapy offers a massive line of essential oil accessories and products. When you visit the online store, you will find blends, singles, organics, roll-ons, and more.

For additional body care, the brand has lotions, carrier oils, aloe jellies, products for men, and hydrosols that are in most cases used in creating linen mists, room sprays, and different body products. For available kits, you will find the KidSafe sets, gift sets, and gift certificates.

Additionally, the company has different accessories, which include essential oil carrying cases, diffusers, books, jewelry, and miscellaneous. Other accessories include your own storage bottles as well as packaging. This is helpful for individuals who love to make their own blends. Last but not least, there are other unique accessories like the fragrance test strips or Himalayan Salt Inhaler.

At Time of Writing, the Current Product Line-Up Includes:

  • 125 single oils, which include over 30 USDA Certified oils like the Organic Peppermint, Organic Basil, Organic Bergamot, and more.

  • 32 Roll-ons including Zit-Fighter Synergy, Soft Skin Synergy, and DiGiZen Synergy Oil, among others.

  • 47 Synergy Oil Blends like Sleep-Aid, Meditation, Anti Age Synergy Essential Oil, and Balance Synergy Blend, to name a few.

  • 20 Carrier Oils, 24 Essential Oils Diffusers, and plenty of other accessories and body care products.

  • 43 Sets such as the Organic Sampler Set, Wellness Set, Kids Safe Sets, Breath Easy Set, and Fruits Set, among others.

With such a massive collection of products, you’ll be sure to find a product that will meet your unique needs and requirements. Whether you want products for kids or adults, Plant Therapy has everything you need from essential oils to accessories and body care products to KidSafe sets. You can shop all these products with confidence since they are 100% pure and quality is guaranteed.

Oil of the Month Club

If you use plenty of essential oils, or you love trying new products and discovering the latest aromas and their benefits, you will love the Oil of the Month Club at Plant Therapy. Every month, the company selects a unique oil.

Before the oil is released to the online store, you can buy it in special and recyclable packaging together with a detailed guide that provides you with full information about the essential oil and its benefits. Additionally, there is a blog post released, providing a comprehensive rundown of the benefits, history, and uses of that particular oil so that you can learn more about it.

The essential oils you get, as in the Oil of the Month Club, are only available to Plant Therapy club members. It can either be a synergy or a single oil. In most cases, the sizes of the oil bottles will range between 2.5ml and 30 ml. In the long-term, these unique oils may be included in the brand’s line-up. But before being added to the line-up, all VIP members will have already received and used them.

Additionally, with a monthly subscription of $15, you will receive a new essential oil each month without making an order. Also, with $20 per month, you can order a mystery oil. However, once you subscribe to the Oil of the Month Club, you will enjoy 25% off, which reduces your costs.

My Thoughts

Overall, the Plant Therapy Company is up there as an industry leader. The brand is committed to providing a massive range of high-quality and affordable aromatherapy products, including essential oils, body products, and accessories. It has an effective, pure variety of products, and most importantly, an excellent ethos.

The best thing with Plant Therapy is that all of its products are fairly priced, and they deliver as expected. Additionally, they are excellently-designed, stylish, and come with detailed user guides, making them attractive and easy to use.

Having unique products like the KidSafe Line is an extra advantage for individuals who have kids. With all these unique features, Plant Therapy is a committed essential oil provider. So, if you are looking for high-quality essential oils in the market, look no further than Plant Therapy. You will love everything that this brand provides. Don’t wait, visit the site and pick your favorite type.

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